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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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    El Pregonero is a weekly Spanish newspaper that serves the Hispanic community in the Washington metropolitan area. El Pregonero strives to preserve the community's identity and Catholic faith, providing general information in Spanish to newly-arrived immigrants, as well as news on the events of the day to those living in the area.

    El Pregonero, the oldest and most respected Spanish-language newspaper in the Washington, D.C., market, was established in August 1977 to offer a means of communication to the growing Hispanic population, informing the community in its own language, and providing guidance in its efforts to adjust to a new society.

    Over the years, El Pregonero has won more than 175 awards for excellence in regional and national competitions, evidence of the seriousness of the publication and its growth and development, side-by-side with the Hispanic community in the greater D.C. area. Since 1977, El Pregonero has played a key role in the Hispanic community's journey, providing orientation, advice, commentaries, entertainment, cultural information, sports and news from Latin American.

    El Pregonero recognizes that journalism serves as a communication bond among us, but more importantly, it is a bond of leadership and participation in American society, where we live and where we are called to contribute, to develop, to encourage young people and families, and to work guided by faith, creativity, dreams and hopes of a culture that is universal.

    Mission Statement

    Carroll Publishing Company is a Catholic media organization that communicates the teachings of Jesus Christ, as proclaimed by the Church's teaching office and lived by the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Washington and beyond. With its two newspapers, and through other media, it exists to bring readers accurate news and information about the church and its role in the local and larger community, and on a national and international level. As an instrument of education and evangelization, it builds up the faith and unity of the local church, and provides a forum for the expression of respectful views consistent with church teaching. Its work defends the God-given dignity of all humanity, serves a Catholic community rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, and inspires people to lead holy and faith-filled lives.

    Vision Statement

    Carroll Publishing Company is the first and best source of news, information and commentary from a Catholic faith perspective that serves the diverse community of the Archdiocese of Washington.
  • El progreso depende no solo de la pericia técnica, sino de la curiosidad y de los beneficios de ir contra la corriente de consideraciones prácticas. Según Abraham Flexner, fundador del Institute for Advanced Study en Princeton: “La curiosidad humana, con la ayuda del hallazgo afortunado que se produce cuando se está buscando otra cosa distinta, es la única fuerza suficientemente fuerte para atravesar las paredes mentales que bloquean ideas y tecnologías transformativas”.
  • El diálogo sobre una pronta solución al álgido problema migratorio que años atrás se presentaba promisorio fue, retrospectivamente, un mero espejismo.
  • Las imágenes evocativas y los eventos que se suscitan siempre provocan reacciones y controversias, mas no siempre con la velocidad que se producen de fuentes oscuras, inesperadas o geográficamente remotas.
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